Coolant Reservoir / Tank / Bottle Cap 1J0121321B
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Coolant Reservoir / Tank / Bottle Cap 1J0121321B

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Fits Model A4, A4 Quattro, A6, A6 Quattro, Allroad Quattro, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Q7, RS6, S4, S6, Touareg, TT, TT Quattro
Fits Make Audi, Volkswagen
Part No 1J0121321B
Compatible Part No 1J0121321A,1J0121321
Please review the fitment data below to verify this part will fit your vehicle. If you have any questions about this part or fitment please call (1-844-333-3609) or email us.
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Part Fitment:

Year Make Model Trim Engine Restrictions
1996AudiA4 QuattroSedan2.8LGasWhere Last 6 Digits of VIN Number are Greater Than 308001.
1996AudiA4Sedan2.8LGasWhere Last 6 Digits of VIN Number are Greater Than 309403.
1997AudiA4, A4 QuattroSedan1.8L Gas Turbo, 2.8LGas
1998-2001AudiA4, A4 QuattroSedan, Wagon1.8L Gas Turbo, 2.8LGas
1999-2001AudiA4 QuattroSedan, Wagon1.8L Gas Turbowith Eng Codes AEB, ATW, AWM.
1999-2001AudiA4 QuattroSedan, Wagon2.8LGaswith Eng Codes AHA, ATQ.
1998AudiA6 QuattroSedan2.8LGas
1999AudiA6 QuattroSedan, Wagon2.8LGas
2000-2001AudiA6 QuattroSedan, Wagon2.7L Gas Turbo, 2.8LGas, 4.2LGas
2002-2004AudiA6 QuattroSedan4.2LGas
1998 2001AudiA6Sedan2.8LGaswith Eng Codes AHA.
1999-2000AudiA6Sedan, Wagon2.8LGaswith Eng Codes AHA.
2001-2002AudiAllroad QuattroWagon2.7L Gas Turbo
2003-2005AudiAllroad QuattroWagon2.7L Gas Turbo, 4.2LGas
2007AudiQ7Sport Utility3.6LGas
2008-2009AudiQ7Sport Utility3.0L Diesel Turbo, 3.6LGas
2010AudiQ7Sport Utility3.0L Diesel Turbo
2011-2015AudiQ7S Line, Sport Utility3.0L Diesel Turbo, 3.0L Gas Supercharged
2003-2004AudiRS6Sedan4.2L Gas Turbo
2000AudiS4Sedan2.7L Gas Turbowith Eng Codes APB.
2001-2002AudiS4Sedan, Wagon2.7L Gas Turbowith Eng Codes APB.
2002-2003AudiS6Sedan, Wagon4.2LGas
1999-2000AudiTT, TT QuattroCoupe1.8L Gas Turbo
2001-2002AudiTT, TT QuattroConvertible, Coupe1.8L Gas Turbo
1999-2001VolkswagenGolfHatchback1.9L Diesel Turbowith Eng Codes ALH.
1999VolkswagenGolfHatchback2.0LGaswith Eng Codes AEG.
1999-2001VolkswagenGolfHatchback2.8LGaswith Eng Codes AFP.
1999VolkswagenGolfHatchback1.8LGaswith Eng Codes AWD, AWW.
2000-2001VolkswagenGolfHatchback1.8L Gas Turbowith Eng Codes AWD, AWW.
2000-2001VolkswagenGolfHatchback2.0LGaswith Eng Codes AEG, AVH, AZG.
2002-2005VolkswagenGolfHatchback1.8L Gas Turbo, 2.0LGas, 2.8LGas
2006VolkswagenGolfHatchback1.8L Gas Turbo, 2.0LGas
1998-1999VolkswagenPassatSedan, Wagon1.8L Gas Turbo, 2.8LGas
2000-2001VolkswagenPassat4 Motion, Sedan, Wagon1.8L Gas Turbo, 2.8LGas
2002VolkswagenPassat4 Motion, 4Motion, Sedan, Wagon1.8L Gas Turbo, 2.8LGas
2003VolkswagenPassatSedan, Wagon1.8L Gas Turbowith Eng Codes AWM.
2004-2005VolkswagenPassat4 Motion, Sedan, Wagon1.8L Gas Turbowith Eng Codes AWM.
2003-2005VolkswagenPassat4 Motion, 4Motion, Sedan, Wagon2.8LGaswith Eng Codes ATQ.
2004-2005VolkswagenPassatSedan, Wagon2.0L Diesel Turbowith Eng Codes BHW.
2004-2005VolkswagenTouaregSport Utility3.2LGas, 4.2LGas
2008VolkswagenTouaregSport Utility3.6LGas
2009-2010VolkswagenTouaregSport Utility3.0L Diesel Turbo, 3.6LGas
2006-2007VolkswagenTouaregSport Utility3.2LGaswith Eng Codes BMX.
2006-2007VolkswagenTouaregSport Utility4.2LGaswith Eng Codes AXQ.
2007VolkswagenTouaregSport Utility3.6LGaswith Eng Codes BHK, BHL.

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